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Our programs help empower you to be healthy, happy and strong.



You were not meant to live your life without passion and fire – I will help you get that spark back. Need help gaining confidence? Getting ready for a big promotion at work or presentation? I can help. Need some motivation for day to day activities? I can help. Offering Skype calls, or videos to help you get what you want out of life. And to be your best self.


No Gimmicks

We are all about doing this the right way. There are no quick fixes and no short cuts, but there is help every step of the way. If you want a change – we can help


Virtual Workouts

We’ve made it so easy to get your workout in. All of our workouts are under 30 minutes and amazing for every level and you can do these from any device.



I created this becasue I am a wife, mom of four and a working woman. Life is busy, chaotic and you need options that work for you and your life. You need workouts that actually work for real results and meal ideas that are delicious for everyone in your family.



It doesn’t have to be hard….it also doesn’t have to cost you a lot to feel better. These plans and programs are designed for real life and they are easy to follow



The programs work! Period. And they continue to work. The programs are meant for you to feel your best – and for you to feel your best long after workouts are over.

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Meet Sarah Bernard:
Mother, Wife, Motivator, Survivor, Warrior.

 I have been Teaching classes for almost 15 years. Motivating others to eat better and be their BEST selves. Creating meal plans for health, weight loss, strength and fitness. Wellness coaching – encouraging women to eat their best, workout to the best of their abilities and to live their best life. Encouraging the authentic self by talking about things that need to be talked about. Supporter of women – those with busy schedules, mental health issues, finding that family and work balance and helping women take care of themselves. Trying to make positive changes in the community whether that’s volunteering at the local schools or raising money for families in need. This is all about bettering ourselves. Mentally and Physically. You are not alone in that. It has always been and it will always be about doing what you can with what you have.

Fitness You Can Actually Afford.

Happy Women Gaining Strength

I have lost about 20 inches overall as well as about 35 pounds. But, more importantly, my positive outlook, self confidence, physical strength, endurance and stamina have improved by leaps and bounds

Leslie Lecour

Sarah’s drive to help and support others to be their best is inspiring. This program, SBF – Wellness and lifestyle is not about the weights I lift or the weight I lose, it’s about the everyday strength I have gained in knowing that no matter what life has in store I capable of living through it.

Jackie Allian

Is this a long term agreement?

No. You are not locked into any contract. We go month to month, unless you pay for a year. We want you to want to come here. Not come here because you have to. Cancel at any time.

How about them meal plans?

Yeah we provide tailroed meal plans that can be customized to fit your needs. Ideally they include groceries that you are already buying. You need to eat, but you need to eat healthy foods. We get that.

Who is this program for?

All levels and all ages. Our motto is to do what you can with what you have. The great thing about these workouts is that they stay challenging.

What equipment will I need?

Ideally you have a set of medium weights and “sliders”. These can be bought or you can use dishcloths, coffee filters or paper plates. There are always options with out the equipment.

How long are the workouts?

These workouts are all under 30 mins, and are meant to be done from anywhere. You don’t need a lot of space or equipment.

What if you can't do one of the moves?

Sarah always shows different ways of doing the moves.

Have any more questions? Email Sbfwellness@gmail.com.

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